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Chiropractors are one of the specialists in the complementary medicine who have trained to be able to treat numerous conditions which arise from problems related to the musculoskeletal system.

A Chiropractor would have spent 4 years training and should have gained recognition with the British Chiropractic Association Tel. 0208 950 5950. The types and form of treatments will vary from practitioner to practitioner, but each will be based on using the knowledge of the different systems and relating it to the symptoms given by the patient during a full history taking.

Each part of the treatment should be explained fully, and it should not be painful. An X-ray might be taken to assist the practitioner in reaching their diagnosis. Follow up advice and treatment is quite usual in both chronic and acute cases.

The treatment is normally only available within private health care, but it may be covered under medical insurance, however fees do vary from regions etc.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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