If used correctly, stepper machines provide a good workout for your legs and glut muscles, as well as a low impact cardiovascular workout for your heart and lungs.

The biggest mistake that most people make when using a stepper machine is to support their body weight with their arms. This, combined with leaning too far forward, places excessive pressure on the lower back.

  • Aim to keep a smooth rhythm, with medium size steps for beginners, and those of a good fitness level can increase the size of the stepping.
  • Keeping your back upright, and using your hands as balance, when holding the machine, will promote good technique. Remember to warm-up and stretch prior to doing any exercise.
  • Most machines these days will have a computer display as well as a selection of programs.
  • Beginners should aim for 6 - 12 minutes on an easy level. On a scale of 1 - 12 aim for a 3 - 5.
  • Intermediates and advanced should aim for 10 minutes + at a harder level, aim for 6 - 9.

Once you have finished your session on the stepper, its worth spending a few minutes stretching the muscles of your calf and quadriceps (thighs).

If your looking at doing a long session on the stepper - 10 minutes plus, make sure you take a water bottle and have regular sips of water to help keep you hydrated throughout your workout.

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