Shoulder Exercises

If you're looking for some great shoulder exercises and workouts, we can help. The shoulder, or rotary cuff, is an area which contains a variety of muscles and training the right way can help with overall strength.

The main shoulder muscles being the posterior, and anterior Deltoid, which bends, extends, rotates and moves the arm away from the body (Abduction).

The following shoulder exercises are in order of difficulty. To establish both good technique, and guidelines for correct weight, look at the strength training training section in fitness and the weight lifting techniques.

Ideally if you want to find good, structured workouts with shoulder exercises of all sorts, why not visit our members area for tips and detailed exercises.

Key Shoulder Exercises

Starting your training, why not try the following exercises like Seated Barbell Shoulder Press, Staggered Arm Press - Ups, Seated Single Arm Front Cable Raise, Swiss Ball Butterfly Swim Band X-Country Skiing and finally some general workouts for shoulders.

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