Proteins are one of the essential food ingredients, described as either first class proteins, or second class proteins, made up of long chain amino acids, either essential or non-essential.


Under one year 3.5 grams / 2.2lbs
One to three years 40 grams
Four to six years 50 grams
Seven to nine years 60 grams
Ten to twelve years 70 grams
Thirteen to twenty years 75 – 100 grams
Male adult 70 – 100 grams
Female adult 60 – 90 grams
Pregnant 85 – 100 grams
Lactating 100 – 200 grams

Protein deficiency may lead to abnormalities of growth and tissue development. The hair, nails and skin especially will be affected and muscle tone will be poor.

Loss of body protein can occur as a result of particular bodily stresses such as surgery, hemorrhage, wounds or prolonged illness.

At times of stress, or exercise it is necessary to consume extra protein in order to rebuild or replace used or worn out tissues.

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