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Nutrition Food Facts

There are about forty-five nutrients that are required for body growth, maintenance and repair. The amounts and types of food you consume have a direct effect on your body's health.

Its worth reading all the different areas of this nutrition section so you can get a idea as to what foods you should buy and more importantly those to avoid. Thankfully most of the larger supermarkets in the UK are placing food guidelines on the foods your buying.

This is helping in provide a little guidance to selected your food - unfortunately most of these guidelines are placed on packets of processed foods, which should be avoided where possible due to their high levels of salt and sugar's.

Costing a little more, organic products will be far healthier for you, but you can always eat healthy even on a low budget.

Carbohydrates especially complex, should be the main source of calories within the diet for optimal health.

  • Excess saturated fat increases the risk of disease
  • Proteins the building blocks for the body
  • Fibre, the indigestible bulk in foods
  • Vitamins necessary for optimum health in correct amounts
  • Minerals, important in regulating many body functions
  • Water, a major component for a healthy diet
  • Whenever possible aim to eat foods in their natural state, especially those in season.
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