Body Fat Percentage

The body fat percentage chart will help you to establish your classification. It is important to have your body fat measured professionally as it is easy to get an incorrect reading.

The most accurate method for testing your body fat is to use what is called a Hydrostatic Weighing Tank. This method simple weighs you prior to having your weight measured again whilst sitting in a tank of water. Because your body fat will float in water, this weight is not recorded, so you can get a true picture of what your bodies total body fat is. Generally only used by athletes or the medical profession.

Your aim should be to try and get your body fat level down to a healthy level, understanding that muscle tissue is far heavier and denser than body fat, so as you become fitter with exercise, your weight may increase but your body fat percentage will come down. A high body fat level is a far greater risk to your health than being over-weight, as simply put most height weight charts are so inaccurate. Most athletes are classed as overweight simply due to the density of their body make-up.

8 - 15
13 -20
16 - 20
21 - 25
21 - 24
26 - 32
> 32

Everyone requires a minimum amount of body fat – about 5% for men and 8% for women. This fat is called essential fat and is necessary for good health.

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