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Beginners Home 2

Aim to perform these different beginners home exercises only after you can comfortably perform the exercises within the first beginners section.

As with all exercises you should make sure that you have a good warm and stretch and also finish of your session with some cool down stretches.

As a beginner you may find some of these exercises hard, however try and perform them all, working within your own limits, aiming to perform 8 - 12 repetitions of each exercise.

The simple keys to improving your fitness level, is progression and consistency.

Basically if you can increase gradually either the exercise difficulty or number of repetitions you can perform then your body will keep adapting to its new demands.

Avoid pushing yourself to hard to soon, as you can risk injury or simply burn out - as mentioned consistency will help, a little often is far better than a lot every once and awhile.

Monitor your efforts, and when you can see and feel that your able to perform all the exercises comfortably, you should then look at moving on to the Intermediate level 2 exercises.

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