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Tricep Stretch

The final cool down stretches are for your tricep and shoulder muscles.

Due to the fact that your shoulders have such as vast array of movements, you may wish to perform other suitable stretches for this muscle group.

Easy-Moderate Hand Down Spine

1. Extend one hand down the center of your back, fingers pointing downward.

2. Use the other hand to grasp the elbow.

3. Exhale slowly, pulling gently downward on your elbow, aiming to take your fingers along your spine.

Easy Hands Interlocked Over Head

1. Interlock your fingers above your head, palms facing upward.

2. Exhale and push your hands further above your head.

3. You will also feel this stretch in your shoulders.

Our members area has the Internets largest selection of different muscles stretches, plus warm up advice for a number of different sports.

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