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Inspire Fitness Power Rack


Inspire Fitness Power Rack


The Inspire Fitness Power Cage Squat Rack has been designed to improve the safety of free weight training. Multiple barbell catches are placed at the front and rear of the cage to catch the Barbell at any point during an exercise, whether you are training in a standing position or lying on a bench. If you miss the catches there are additional, adjustable safety bars to prevent the bar crashing to the floor or onto you. At the front of the cage is a chin up bar. So if you love free weight training, play safe with the high quality Inspire Power Rack.The Inspire Fitness Smith attachment can be purchased as an optional extra. Sturdy Frame Rear Barbell Catches Front Barbell Catches Additional Safety Bars Chin Up Bar Home Warranty: Lifetime Parts, 1 year labour, 90 Days Upholstery Light Commercial Warranty: 10 Years Parts, 90 Days Upholstery when used for a maximum of 3 hours per day Size L x 132cm W x 129.5cm H x 205cm Option to add Smith Attachment SCS-1, SCS-WB SCS Bench, SCS-LE Leg Attachment, SCS-PC Preacher Curl Attachment, SCS-2 (weight stacks, charcoal shrouds, pulleys, cables, 2 pair handles, pull-up assist strap

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