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RMT Clubs (2lbs - 8lbs)


RMT Clubs (2lbs - 8lbs)


Designed by David Weck - inventor of the Bosu® Balance Trainer, the RMT™ Club is a first-of-its-kind, highly dynamic, multi-functional training tool that teaches the principles of Rotational Movement Training™, Non-Dominant Side Training™ and functional strength training. Not only does it offer an incredible full-body workout, it educates your body to move more athletically and efficiently, unifying your body and building strength, coordination, balance and a greater range of motion. RMT™ Club performs an exponential number of individual and sport specific exercises all designed to get you in peak condition, improve athleticism and enhance your strength and balance. The RMT™ Club works by combining the body's rotational movements with integrated movement patterns, skill based movements, full body movements, and high intensity movements. You can use the RMT™Club for one-on-one training, in a group class structure, small group training, or incorporate it into your existing routine. RMT™ Club puts the "HIT" in HIIT. It was made to take a lot of punishment. Because it incorporates a durable soft flexible club head and reinforced handle, you are able to strike the RMT™ Club against the ground, a wall, a heavy bag and a number of other hard surfaces. Inside the RMT™ Club is "shifting" weight. This “shifting” of weight strengthens and balances movements as well as provides dynamic resistance. It also produces an audible feedback allowing you to compare and contrast movements on both sides of the body, unifying and synchronizing your dominant and non-dominant sides. Durable, flexible club head for striking hard surfaces Internal shifting weight for dynamic resistance and audible feedback Includes training DVD with 40 minute workout, 21 move exercise library and Wall Chart Available in 4 weights (1kg, 1.8kg, 2.7kg and 3.6kg).Warranty - 1 yearSold Singularly

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