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Life Fitness 95X Cross Trainer with Discover SI Console

Life Fitness / Cardio

Life Fitness 95X Cross Trainer with Discover SI Console


The 95X Elevation Series Cross Trainer

The New Elevation Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer with Discover™ SI Tablet Console is where your digital life meets your workout experience. The third generation of touch screen consoles redefines the workout experience with the most advanced technology. The 10" integrated LCD touch screen features an abundance of entertainment options, enhanced interaction, internet connectivity and much more. Choose the SI-TV console for integrated tv.

Everything about the next generation Elevation Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer is designed to deliver an effective and comfortable total-body workout. Extensive biomechanical research creates a natural motion that closely replicates running or walking combined with the long-lasting durability you've come to know from Life Fitness delivers a superior cardio experience.

Key Features

  • 10″ Integrated Surface Capacitive LCD Touch Screen
  • Swipe Technology
  • Screen Protection
  • Optional Attachable TV (wide screen format)
  • Language Choices
  • English/Metric Selection – mph/kph/rpm or lbs/kg
  • iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone Compatibility
  • Internet
  • 400M Track, 5K Nature Trail, Mountain, Zoom

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