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Align-Pilates C1-Pro Pilates Reformer Half Cadillac Bundle

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Align-Pilates C1-Pro Pilates Reformer Half Cadillac Bundle


The C1-Pro Pilates reformer and half cadillac bundle is the perfect way to save on costs but not on performance. 

The Align-Pilates C1-Pro Pilates reformer is an incredibly versatile piece of commercial Pilates apparatus and has been designed to grow with your studio. The C1-Pro Pilates Reformer from Align-Pilates broke new ground in the European Pilates community in 2014, making a commercially warranted reformer available for only a shade over £1,000 + VAT ! Now the 4th generation C1-Pro takes its place with improvements and design tweaks to deliver even better performance! The C1-Pro can be adapted with the use of brackets to take either a Half Cadillac Tower or Full Cadillac, plus, like it's predecessor, it has the ability to freestand (when not attached to a Half/Full Cadillac). The C1-Pro is a full feature performance reformer which uses many of the same quality components as its bigger brother, the A2RII. The C1 -Pro – use it, love it, wheel it, stand it, jump with it, mat convert it, stack it, raise it, tower or trapeze it……one reformer that adapts to suit your Pilates life, in the Studio, Clinic or home. 

The Align-Pilates Half Cadillac Tower is compatible with the C1-Pro and A2 series Pilates Reformers and the Wall Unit adapter. The Half Cadillac / trapeze tower unit allows you to perform the majority of the repertoire of the Cadillac / Trapeze table.


  • Travel: 100.5cm
  • Resistance: 5 nickel plated quality music wire springs 3 different strengths (2 light, 2 medium and 1
  • Foot bar positions : 4 positions including flat
  • Removable rope risers with 7 height positions and 7 rope length adjustments
  • Height adjustable feet for perfect alignment
  • New Align-Pilates ‘silent’ Pilates double loop handles with metal free connectors for a quiet experience
  • 3 position head rest
  • Space saving – The C1-Pro is wheeled for ease of movement and storage and can be stacked or
    stood against a wall. It can “free stand” when selected with the extension leg option
  • Anodized aluminium runners with matched 4 wheel system for smooth and maintenance free
  • ISO20957-1 Class S Item. Max User Weight: 150kg. Suitable for users: 145cm - 193cm (4’10” - 6’4”)


  • Reformer only: 235 (L) x 66 (W) x 24cm (H)
  • Reformer with Leg Extensions: 235 x 66 x 42cm
  • Weight: 59kg (GW)



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