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Inspire Fitness M1 Multi-Gym


Inspire Fitness M1 Multi-Gym


Inspire M1 Multigym Introducing the brand new M1 home multi gym from Inspire Fitness. Here at Inspire Fitness we believe that this is the best looking home gym on the market today. Extremely attractive and sleek due to its curves and lines. This home gym is completely seamless and transferring from each exercise is fast and efficient. This gym has 3 sets of pull points (2 low handles, 2 mid handles & 2 high handles) each of the 6 pull points is fitted with a comfort D handle/stirrup. This ensures an easy change from exercise to exercise and maximises the users training time on the M1 gym. The 6 independent handles promote Isolateral training, Isolateral exercise is a technique that is used in strength and fitness training to focus on one particular side of the body rather than trying to train both sides at once. Low pulley points for shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep curls, lateral raises, adjust the telescopic bench for quad and hamstring work by stepping up on to the adjustable bench. Chest presses can also be performed from the lower position by utilising the bench and adjusting to the flat position. Mid pulley points for chest work (flat, incline & decline options) pectoral flys from any angle due to not having a fixed press arm. Adjust the back pad on the bench for chest supported seated rows. High handles for lat pull downs, perfect abdominal crunches due to the pull points being positioned directly above the users head, tricep push downs, bicep and tricep work and cross the handles for the ultimate rear delt. Unlimited amount of exercises and a must have piece of equipment for any home gym! The M1 home multi gym system is the perfect choice and backed with an industry leading lifetime frame and parts guarantee from Inspire Fitness. Our Opinion An excellent value cable motion multigym that allows you to perform hundreds of exercises at home. It takes up minimal space and is backed by a great warranty.

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