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4kg Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell


4kg Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell


Offering a full body workout and perfect for core,functional and strength and conditioning training, there is no wonder why Kettlebells are a popular piece of kit on the gym floor. These Vinyl Dipped Kettlebells are designed with an extremely ergonomic baked acrylic handle and a colour coded vinyl dipped base, which is flat to aid stability and prevent rolling. This gives Physical Company Kettlebells the perfect combination of functionality and comfort. Kettlebells provide more area for grip compared to any other bell even the smaller weights. The baked acrylic handle makes the bells more aesthetically pleasing, more rust resistant and easier to use without sacrificing ‘gription’. Key Features The colour coded base makes weight identification easier and minimises damage to flooring Kettlebells are available in increments from 2kg – 40kg Ergonomic handle for safe, comfortable and ease of use Vinyl coating doesn't chafe or bruise hands whilst also helping to protect studio floors

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