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Kettler K2 High Incline Treadmill

Kettler / Cardio

Kettler K2 High Incline Treadmill


The K2 High Incline Treadmill is ideal for high intensity-interval training (HIIT) and features a high incline design, taking fitness workouts to a whole new level. If it’s fast weight loss and major muscle tone boost through short, sharp bursts that you’re looking for, look no further than K2 from KETTLER. This machine is ideal for the regular gym goer who wants to become super fit and move to the next level.

The high incline immediately forces your heart and muscles to work so much harder than a standard treadmill. K2 is not for the faint hearted! Whether you walk, jog or sprint using the high incline mode, you are sure to be in for the best work out of your life.

K2 also doubles up as a standard treadmill for gradual build up of fitness levels before graduating to high incline mode. K2 is truly a great all round, versatile machine with high quality and high performance.

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