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Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine


Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine


The Coach M Rowing Machine is a popular member of the KETTLER fitness family with an increased length therefore enabling longer strokes for a more beneficial workout. The computer comes with an integrated POLAR compatible receiver for use with the included chest belt. The high performing computer tracks time, oar strokes, stroke speed, calorie consumption, room temperature and average values at the end of the session while a visual alarm notifies you if your heart rate increases to an unhealthy level. The 6kg flywheel runs smoothly for less impact on joints while the foot plate and padded board offers a rope pulley strength exercises. The Coach M rower fits perfectly in the home because of its extra space saving design, balancing on its end and tucking into a corner. Legs, back and core enjoy the full workout they need due to the 10 resistant settings letting you progress at your own speed. Key Features Training computer with easy-to-read LCD display. Continuous display of 6 functions. Pulse range setting for fat burn and fitness burn. Integrated POLAR receiver (included) for Pulse Measurement. Manually-adjustable magnetic-brake system with 10 resistance levels. 6kg flywheel for smooth running. Space saving stand on its side to ensure small footprint. Foot plate and padded board for myriad rope pulley strength exercises. Visual and audible alarm for upper pulse limit, Target zone training (fat/fit/manual). Max user weight: 130kg. Made in Germany. Warranty: 3 yrs part and labour warranty (conditions apply). Home assembly.

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