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Weighted Vest (5kg - 20kg)

Jordan / Strength

Weighted Vest (5kg - 20kg)


Jordan Weighted Vest

Product Information:

  • Increase the intensity by adding this weighted vest to your workout
  • Different vest weights allow exercise progression
  • Unique adjustable design
  • Granulated steel shot packets make for a comfortable user experience
  • Durable nylon outer canvas is extremely durable
  • Neoprene covered shoulder padding for comfort

Great For:

  • Use with suspension training (MiloKit, Jungle Gym XT and Gym Rings)
  • Cardiovascular training (sprint and hill climbs), bodyweight resistance exercises and plyometrics (jumps, hops and bounds)


  • Colours: Grey & Black
  • Sizes: 5kg, 10Kg & 20Kg

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