Jordan Smith Machine & Power Rack

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Jordan Smith Machine & Power Rack


Jordan Smith Machine / Power Rack

Great for training the upper body with traditional exercises like the bench press, seated shoulder press, shrugs and bent over row, either as a freeweight or on a fixed plane. Makes training the lower body easy with exercises like the squat, lunge or deadlift. Enables unusual exercises like the single arm barbell shrug or suitcase deadlift and also allows users to perform pull-ups.

Features :

  • "Twist & lock" bar allows full movement without the need of a spotter
  • Full function power rack
  • Four pin Olympic discs storage system holds over 500kg
  • Unique textured paint finish " TUFF COAT" makes racks more resistant to wear and tear damage
  • Colour: Graphite metallic
  • Overall dimensions - height 2200mm, length 2150mm, depth 2140mm.

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