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Jordan Dual Adjustable Pulley (DAP)

Jordan / Strength

Jordan Dual Adjustable Pulley (DAP)


Dual Adjustable Pulley

Product Information

• 100kg weight stacks x 2
• Chin Bar with multi width grips
• 18 indexed pulley height positions per column
• Steel frame (100mmx 50mm)
• Unique textured paint finish " TUFF COAT" makes racksmore resistant to wear and tear damage
• Colour - Graphite metallic
• Height 2320mm, Length 1620mm, Depth 1500mm
• Weight 402kg

Great for:

• Working the body in a functional, standing position withmany upper body, core and lower body exercises.
• A huge range of tranverse plane, rotational exercises like therussian twist, woodchop, reverse woodchop and judo throw.
• Use with the Jordan Attachment Vest

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