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PowerWave 2.0 The Beast (20kg)


PowerWave 2.0 The Beast (20kg)


PowerWave multifunctional training device that is revolutionary by design allowing a complete body workout that is guaranteed to unleash explosive core strength and physical endurance to achieve a desirable shape in just 20 minutes. Athletes all over the world are now adopting the PowerWave into their daily workout. Enhances core strength, muscle development and endurance Increases metabolic rate, which results in accelerating fat loss Enhances rotational movement promoting joint flexibility The amount of exercises that can be performed using the PowerWave are endless Superb benefits for any gender, age or fitness level Portable and easy to store Unique shape will enhance speed and agility in a way that free weights and static machines cannot. The PowerWave enhances specific fluid movements to minimize impact on joints and ligaments. Each PowerWave is subject to rigorist checks to ensure maximum durability at an affordable price. Recommended for Children Below 12 years Static Weight: 3kg

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