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PoweR Disc - PVC Olympic Technique Weight Lifting Disc - 2.5kg (Red)

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PoweR Disc - PVC Olympic Technique Weight Lifting Disc - 2.5kg (Red)


PoweR discs are strong and durable Olympic discs / bumper plates, which were designed with training performance in mind, perfect for beginner lifters, those who coach lifting, personal trainers, sports clubs, schools, Crossfit clubs, gyms and home gyms.

Using these technique weights, learning lifts such as snatch and clean and jerk, will be easy, as they allow the lifter to adopt a correct stance from the very start, when performing weightlifting skills. Please add two discs to your CART to receive a pair of discs.

Product Information

  • PoweR technique disc are hollow 1-piece weights
  • Made of hygienic non-porous PVC plastic
  • Hand Made in the UK.
  • 11mm thick plastic walls
  • Designed to allow shock absorption
  • These bumper plates will fit any Olympic bar
  • Technique training plates for: beginners, youth athletes, lifters working on correct lifting form, rehabiliation work etc
  • Available in Red (5kg) and White (2.5kg)

Technical Data

  • Material: PVC, Colour: red (2,5 kg), and white (5 kg)
  • Diameter: 450 mm, Width: 65 mm (2,5 kg) and 120 mm (5 kg)
  • Centre hole: 51 mm (compatible with any Imperial and Metric barbell)
  • PoweR Olympic-size discs comply to International Weightlifting Federation's size and colour scheme, making them ideal for technique drilling, novice and junior weightlifting training.

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