Loumet Gym Balls - 3kg

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Loumet Gym Balls - 3kg


3kg Loumet Gym Ball

This is a 3kg loumet gym ball in and green and is sold as a single unit.

To slam or not to slam? With Loumet Medicine Balls you definitely can!

Loumet Medicine Balls have been manufactured for over 20 years to be an extremely durable one-piece roto-moulded air-filled medicine ball that would bounce, float and not split when slammed against hard surfaces (such as walls of the floor). Thousands of athletes, trainers, studios and clubs will attest to the superiority of its durability and performance.

With the increase in popularity of cross-fit driven medicine ball drills such as slams or wall thrusters, the structural weakness and unsuitability of lower-cost rubber medicine balls has become evident. The Loumet medicine ball is suitable for all of these drills, and its durability means that it will last for years NOT months.

  • Loumet Medicine Balls are the most durable and reliable medicine ball on the market today.
  • They are designed and manufactured to be used on all solid surfaces.
  • Slam after slam, the Loumet medicine ball has been field tested and proven to keep bouncing right back at you for more.
  • Loumet medicine balls combines the strength of a dead-ball (non-bouncing med ball) with the bounce of a medicine ball.
  • Loumet medicine balls are essentially a heavy-duty semi-bouncing medicine ball - which means it will bounce, but not like standard medicine balls (essentially heavy basketballs), which can rebound at such speed that they hit you in the face....
  • Currently available in weights 1-6kg, which for virtually all of the plyometric-style exercises is all you should need according to experts like Chu and Boyle.

If you are after the most durable, reliable, heavy-duty, semi-bouncing medicine ball - then look no further, you need the Loumet Medicine Ball.

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