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Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle

Life Fitness / Cardio

Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle



The IC7 Indoor Cycle pioneering design and functionality are due largely to Indoor Cycling’s innovative two-stage drivetrain - an engineering breakthrough that empowers: next generation looks, the market’s most accurate (+/-1%) direct WattRate® Power meter, 100-level precision magnetic resistance and patent-pending Coach By Color® training console – a fully self-powered console that vividly displays the user‘s WattRate® (Power) or heart rate to them and their coach in five colored zones.

Poly-V & tooth belt 2-stage drivetrain

With an immense 1:11 gear ratio this revolutionary 2-stage drivetrain design equipped with ICG's hybrid Poly-V & tooth belt technology is capable of transferring extreme levels of torque smoothly and generates an incredibly fast flywheel speed. Combined, these features create the ultimate connection to every pedal stroke.

High Performance off-set frame geometry with 155mm Q-Factor

The off-set frame design provides a perfect geometry enabling a wide range of bike adjustments.

A Q-Factor of 155mm makes the Indoor Cycle feel more like a real bike. The benefits include increased safety, comfort, and efficiency in each and every pedal stroke.

300 degree dial rapid resistance control

The limited-to 300 degree dial offers 100 "clicked" increments and displays the resistance level as 0-100 on the WattRate® TFT computer. All at "one" flick of the user's wrist. This highly precise and visual design means your members will be able to adjust the magnetic resistance quickly.

Advanced ergo-formed handlebar

Featuring impressive curves and soft PVC, this wider bar provides larger users more support, additional Time Trial bar-ends, central ride-easy position and intelligently integrates the WattRate® TFT computer by not exposing any cables and allowing the consoles position to adjust inline with the bars.

Superior stepless vertical & horizontal bike adjustments

The stepless 4-way (saddle height, saddle fore/aft, handlebar height, handlebar fore/aft) slider and post technology offers superior biomechanics, accommodating the widest range of users and allows for the finest of fine-tuning. High-grade aluminum seat and handlebar posts with integrated user assist technology reduce weight, making user-adjustments easier, safer and more durable for the club owner.

Comfort performance saddle

The comfort unisex saddle has a sleek design, that enhances the rider performance and overall comfort. Designed with an opening in the heart of the saddle that relieves pressure on the bodies more sensitive parts whilst riding.

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