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Technogym Artis Synchro Cross Trainer

Technogym / Cardio

Technogym Artis Synchro Cross Trainer


Technogym Artis Synchro Cross Trainer

ARTIS® SYNCHRO recreates the movement of the body when walking or running. The naturally smooth no-impact movement prevents stress to joints whilst providing effective cardio exercise.

The seamless design of ARTIS  will enhance the style of a premium wellness environment and encourage users to move naturally, inspired by its non-intimidating, frameless geometry. The position and inclination of the display is scientifically certified to ensure optimum user ergonomics. Equipment is available with energy harvesting technology in which human energy is fed directly into the building’s grid to help power the gym.

Key Features

Convenient rear access, combined with an automatic reset mechanism that re-positions pedals and levers so that the next user can access the equipment in the safest way possible, makes the ARTIS Synchro a unique user-friendly piece of commercial cardio equipment. The Soft Return System applies a specific technology to reduce acceleration at the curve of movement.

Physical activity performed on ARTIS (measured in MOVEs) is recycled to power cardio. The unique seamless design and inspiring frameless geometry will capture the senses and allow your end-users to move naturally and feel at ease in a quiet, non intimidating environment.

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