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Technogym Artis Recline Exercise Bike

Technogym / Cardio

Technogym Artis Recline Exercise Bike


Technogym Artis Recline Bike

ARTIS® RECLINE is perfect for users with limited mobility who want moderate cardio activity but need additional comfort. It is particularly suitable for older adults and for those who have weight issues.

About the Technogym Artis Recline Bike 

The Artis Bike, with its seamless design, will enhance the style of a premium wellness environment and encourage users to move naturally, inspired by its non-intimidating, frameless geometry. The position and inclination of the display (which features the UNITY console for various entertainment options) is scientifically certified for optimum user ergonomics. The bike is also available with energy harvesting technology in which human energy is fed directly into the building's grid to help power the gym.

Features and Benefits of the Artis Recline Exercise Bike

  • Walk through design for easy access - class leading 50cm gap
  • Easily adjustable pedal straps so users will find it easy to slide their feet in and secure them
  • Plug-in points for mp3 players, iPhone/iPod, earphones and a USB port
  • Ergonomic dashboard is tailored to user needs, with slots for drinking bottles and personal items
  • Features the UNITY console for a personalised training experience and countless entertainment options
  • 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind

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