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Technogym Excite+ Run Now 700 Treadmill


Technogym Excite+ Run Now 700 Treadmill


The Excite+ Run Now 700 Treadmill from Technogym Given the three levels of safety and new screen position, the same machine can help you maintain correct posture and maintain safe exercise for your muscles and joints. With 30% lower energy consumption, 20% higher durability and the option to choose advanced workouts, Run Now is an investment that you'll recover quickly. Training Purposes Want to lose weight? Improve your stamina? Increase the muscle size in your legs? Whatever your goal is, Run Now will help you achieve it. By running or walking, choosing different speeds and inclines, you can lose weight by burning fat and calories, tone your entire body, keep your heart and joints in shape or even train for a marathon! What is Run Now Like? Safe, before and during training One of the most common accident in the gym is falling while climbing onto a moving treadmill. In accordance with regulations, Run Now now has three levels of safety to help prevent injuries including a Runner Detection System which ensures the running belt can sense when someone is on it. Designed to help you maintain the correct posture The special position of the display (UNITY or LED) is designed scientifically and biomechanically to help you naturally assume the right position and reduce the movement of your head and eyes. Thanks to the Fast Track Control™ system, the buttons you use to adjust the speed and incline aren't on the display. Instead they are on the handles which are highly visible and close to reach. As a result, you can change the training parameters without stopping or changing your position. Noiseless With Run Now you can focus on your workout because the noise is 1/3 lower than a regular treadmill. The maximum peak in a workout at 12 km/h is just 76 decibels, halfway between two people having a conversation and the noise a person hears inside a car. Training with Run Now Fewer risks for the joints and muscles The movement of walking or running includes two phases: one in which the foot rests on the surface and one in which it moves upward. The safety and quality of a treadmill platform depend on the resting phase, meaning the time that the foot is in contact with the moving belt. A belt that is too soft prolongs this period, making it more difficult and the movement less natural. Thanks to its consistency, the Run Now belt offers better responsiveness and equilibrium between the two phases minimizes the risk of injuries caused by incorrect movements. More options for high levels of training Run Now reaches a maximum speed of 27 km/h and an incline of up to 18%. This makes it suitable for you, especially if you're looking for sports performance or if you're preparing for a competition. Run Now for your gym An answer for the most demanding clients Thanks to its functionality and  solid design, Run Now is suitable for all clubs. In particular, it's perfect if you have a clientele that includes people looking for advanced professional training. It uses 30% less and lasts 20% longer Thanks to quality components that work efficiently together, Run Now helps you save up to 30% more electricity than previous models. The materials used for the frame, deck and surfaces, and the low belt friction guaranteed by the Long Life Deck system, ensure low wear and tear and less need for maintenance. The motor itself is guaranteed to last up to 10 years.  That means you won't have to buy new equipment too often and your energy bill will be a lot lower

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