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Technogym Excite+ Synchro Cross Trainer - UNITY


Technogym Excite+ Synchro Cross Trainer - UNITY


Created and designed to help eliminate muscle and joint strain during training, the Synchro, the professional elliptical trainer, helps improve coordination and balance. From athletes to the elderly, the total body cardiovascular exercise of the Synchro helps to reduce fat mass as well as improve muscle, joint elasticity and flexibility.     • The small distance between platforms helps ensure a natural posture     • Goal oriented display feedback and motivation     • Double Hand Sensor is equipped with hand levers on both upper handles    • Easy to handle and move thanks to the two rear wheels positioned under the platform     • Design Family Feeling with Selection and Biostrength™®.    • Wellness System™ Compatible     • Easily Adjustable Resistance Levels through Fast Track Control™s (Only "700" Versions)    • Trains Cardiovascular System     • Helps Improve respiratory capacity     • Reduces adipose tissue     • Complete Training of Legs and Upper Body Parts The Synchro is available in five models. The belt drive is mounted on the back and ensures a smooth operation, zero-impact and is suitable for users of all ages. The Synchro is also easy to use and provides an entertaining workout experience. With UNITY training becomes as engaging as ever Thanks to the UNITY digital platform, you can turn the machine you use into your personal device for the entire duration of your workout. With UNITY™ and mywellness® cloud, you can stay in touch with your world even while you train, using all the Android tools and applications as on your own tablet and with the same type of interaction. It is now possible to access social networks and preferred Web contents, participate in your gym's challenges, manage your workouts and monitor your indoor and outdoor activities. With UNITY, this and much more is possible.

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