Technogym Excite+ Step 700

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Technogym Excite+ Step 700


Excite+ Step 700 from Technogym

EXCITE™ Step provides a complete lower body and cardiovascular workout.

This is ideal for toning leg and gluteus muscles and helping to improve balance and coordination.

The following are features of the Excite®™ Step:

  • Fluid, Smooth and Regular Movements
  • New Ergonomic Pedals for Extra Comfort and Security
  • Electric and Cordless (SP) Versions Available
  • Design Family Feeling With Selection and Biostrength™®.
  • Compatible with the Wellness System™
  • Plug & Play System
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Training
  • Helps to Improve Respiratory Capacity
  • Reduces Adipose Tissue
  • 25 Resistance Levels
  • Cardiovascular fitness training
  • Improves respiratory capacity
  • Reduces adipose tissue
  • Complete training for leg muscles

With five models to choose from, 25 resistance levels and smooth, fluid movement, the Excite® Step is suitable for users of all ages. Fast-Track Control™ enables users to adjust their routines without breaking their rhythm.

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