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Technogym Cross Personal

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Technogym Cross Personal


Technogym Cross Personal Cross Trainer UNITY

Boasting eye-capturing design, innovative functions and cutting-edge technology, the Cross Personal cross trainer from Technogym turns training into a stimulating multi-sensory experience.

Designed by prize-winning designer Antonio Citterio based on the "Human Centric" approach that places the individual at the heart of every product, it combines Technogym's technical expertise with the latest biomechanical and technological innovations.

What's So Special?

Armed with UNITY Technogym's next-generation cardiovascular user interface, this high performance elliptical trainer offers the most advanced, open Android-based user platform in the market.

A built-in Bluetooth connection allows users to wirelessly connect their smart phone and seamlessly stream music and video content on the 19 inch, touchscreen HD monitor, while the Technogym App store offers a range of downloadable apps to further enhance the experience and encourage motivation.

In addition, pre-programmed workouts, instructional videos, interval programs, and virtual training are all easily accessible via a simple log-in, meaning you can instantly embark on a scenic outdoor workout from the comfort of your own home.

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