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Align-Pilates F1 Folding Reformer

Align Pilates / Accessories

Align-Pilates F1 Folding Reformer


F1 Folding Reformer

The F1 folds up in a matter of minutes into a compact and self-contained machine that can be easily wheeled around and stored safely out of the way.

Specification & Adjustability

  • Travel: 95cm
  • Resistance: 4 Nickel plated music wire springs (2 Medium, 1 Strong and 1 Light)
  • Foot bar positions: 2 + down
  • Removable rope risers with 3 height options & 4 easy rope length adjustments.
  • New Align-Pilates double loop handles with “silent” metal free connectors for a quieter workout.
  • 3 position head rest, with locking string for stowage.
  • Steel frame with 8 wheel design. Removable & lockable shoulder rests. Locking bolts to lock reformer both open and closed. 4 Wheels to enable movement of the reformer when open or closed. 6 adjustable feet to ensure your reformer sits flat and can run smoothly.

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