Exigo Olympic Military Press Bench

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Exigo Olympic Military Press Bench


Exigo Olympic Military Press Bench with Spot Feet

With over 18 years experience in the manufacture and design of strength equipment, Exigo are a well recognised and respected brand that offer a full range of high quality commercial gym equipment, all of which is manufactured in their UK factory.

Key Features

  • A superb addition to any strength or conditioning facility
  • Front and back catchers allow you to train safely when doing front or rear pressing exercises
  • Durable bar catchers conveniently positioned to protect framework and powder coating
  • Non slip coated spotting platform, an added safety feature for both the user and the spotter
  • Side protection plates and optional weight storage horns
  • Incorporates multi height seat pad and recessed spotter area for comfort and safety.
  • Optional band peg fittings for side runners.

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