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Nervous Breakdown

A nervous breakdown is not a medical term but a general term used to describe an emotional or depressive crisis. It is usually suggestive of a history of mental ill health, which may have a social, psychological or systemic cause, which has been brought to a climax.


If the cause is social or psychological, then mild anti-depressants short term can allow a good recovery. This must always be viewed initially as if it is short term, and positive thoughts and actions should be encouraged at a pace the sufferer can cope with.

Many sufferers have benefited from counseling (there are many forms) , and it is always wise to ask your GP for a recommendation either privately or within the NHS as they will know best which type of counseling would be appropriate.

Severe depression can result sometimes result from long term hormonal imbalance, sometimes emotional changes/mood swings can be side effects of some drug therapy. Your GP is the best person to know which avenue to pursue initially so it is important to seek help in the early stages.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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