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Hyperactivity, especially in children, is normally associated with a mental disorder or illness varying in degrees of severity from a state of restlessness to severe disruptive behavior.

Many conflicting views on hyperactivity are shared as to the cause. Some suggest it is related to a brain chemical imbalance, some attribute it to the change in our diet and the addition of food additives and colorants, whilst another school of thought suggests hyperactivity is connected to familial social behavior and therefore more psychological than biological.

Attention Deficit Disorder is characterized by an excessive level of activity coupled with a distinct inability to paying attention. This obviously incurs fragmented concentration, possibly frustration, resulting in aggressive disruptive behavior.

Treatment can involve such drugs as amphetamines and equally important behavior therapy. In adults, where hyperactivity is noted, any underlying systemic problem such as Hyperthyroidism should be excluded, before referring for psychological assessment.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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