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Deriving from the poppy seed, heroin is a drug that can be smoked, injected or sniffed through the nose. It is a banned drug that is, it is illegal to take. It is addictive and will lead to permanent brain damage if taken over a period of time. It acts as a depressant on the brain causing a feeling of drowsiness and relaxation and a feeling of being separate from the real world.

The addiction element makes it difficult for people to give it up despite the damage it is doing to their bodies. Those that inject run the risk of infection, those that share their needles, run the risk of aids. Drug addiction can be passed on in a pregnant woman, via the placenta to her unborn child. This child will be born with the craving and will have to be treated for withdrawal symptoms shortly after birth.

This destructive habit can be stopped with help from others. Call the National help-line on 0800 77 66 00

Additional Medical Conditions:

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