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Glue Sniffing

Glue sniffing has claimed the lives of many young teenagers. The 'high' effect acquired from inhaling or spraying into the mouth these toxic fumes can lead to permanent damage to the linings of the nasal passages and brain.

Sometimes the effect of this past time results in the victim feeling dizzy and vomiting, with the unfortunate consequences of choking on their own vomit. The effects of glue sniffing can lead to loss of control of balance and stagger, running the risk of falling or being hit by a car.

Sniffing with a plastic bag over the head can lead to suffocation. Statistics show that at least one person dies a week from sniffing. It has been noted that aerosol inhalation has caused death to a first time user. To help someone stop this dreadful habit call the help line on 0800 77 66 00 UK number.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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